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Songs about our identity in Christ Jesus. Get yours today!

Songs about our identity in Christ Jesus. Get yours today!

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Beautiful Conversations (blog)

My Fireman 

When a fireman (or woman) rushes into a fire, laying down his life to save a person, everyone rejoices over that fireman. The news, the community, and most definitely the person saved are so grateful. It's hard for them to contain their joy. 

Jesus is my fireman. He saved me from living a life by self effort to earn a blessing, from self effort to produce God's quality of life, from seeing myself by what I do, good or evil.

Your Reputation 

Just heard a host on a TV news program make this comment about a recent event involving a famous person:  "What he said has ruined his reputation."

In heaven, everyone's reputation is Christ. It cannot be ruined by what we say and do. This is the vertical, God-to-man, man-to-God.

On earth, your reputation can be ruined by what you say and do. This is the horizontal, man-to-man.

Without a revelation of the vertical, you will always be ruined.

Ephesians 1:1-14

The Door 

Jesus is the door.  God did this so you won't confuse the other so-called doors with The Door.

God is specific about how He loves you. He is not a God of confusion.

John 10:9



God’s goal or intent was never to just get us to say thank you to Him, to acknowledge Him or to get an “Amen” from us, in the same way that humans desire the praises of men. That was never His reason for loving us. God desires relationship, intimacy with us, because He loves us. That simple.

He loved us first, and this is why we love Him because He first loved us (1 John 4:19).  God demonstrated this by giving His Son Jesus for us. Jesus is the only one worthy to redeem you who is of great worth to God.

What freedom there is in loving someone without expecting anything in return, without putting a demand on the one loved! What joy there is in knowing that the one loved loves you back because of them receiving and reflecting the love you have for them. (Corinthians 13)