Seminars and Conferences

DC Grace gives compelling and impactful grace seminars on various New Covenant truths revealed in the finished work of Jesus.  Some topics include "Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament," "Where Is Your Position in the Gospel?," "The Road to Emmaus," "Our Identity in Christ," "Entering God's Rest," and much more. 

At this event we provide worship (music) and share a message.  For example, at the seminar entitled "Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament," we talk about how God hid the Gospel message all throughout the Old Testament scriptures that foreshadow Christ in the Old Testament.

​Since 2012, we've been invited to participate in local and national grace conferences where we give these seminars through song and a message. ​Please contact us about having a seminar at your church or organization.  Your organization doesn't have to be Christian.  All need to hear the Good News!