Seminars and Conferences


The DC Grace gives compelling and impactful grace seminars, forums, and discussions on various New Covenant truths revealed in the finished work of Christ Jesus such as:

  • The Genesis Code 
  • Seeing Christ in the Old Testament
  • You Have Heard That It Was Said (Matthew 5:21)
  • Where Is Your Position in the Gospel? 
  • The Road to Emmaus

At these meetings, the DC Grace Band provides the music then we share a message for discussion.  For example, at the "Seeing Christ in the Old Testament," we talk about how God hid the Gospel message all throughout the Old Testament stories foreshadowing Christ in the New Testament.​

We give these seminars at large and small home gatherings. Please contact us.


The Washington, DC Area Grace Conference has been an annual event since 2012 where speakers and people from around the world come to together to fellowship in the finished work of Jesus, proof of God's eternal unconditional love for all humanity and our identity in Christ.  

We have always been of great worth and value to God.  The cross is proof.  It's not the reason.

The next conference is July 13-15, 2018.  Go to to register and for more information.